Where are we?


by Rich Landesberg

No, it’s not the jet-lag that has us asking that question. It’s the weather. We are used to extreme cold, wind and snow on this study abroad. But today we had sun and temperatures in the low 40s, with no rain. It was very different…and very welcome.

We started the day with a lecture by Dr. Morgan on the EU institutions and a general discussion of issue surrounding the EU. Everyone was curious and engaged, asking good questions and adding to the conversation. Two hours passed very quickly. After a short lunch break, we were off for a tour of Frankfurt.

Our guide took us through the old town that was reconstructed after the massive allied bombing of WWII. This city is mostly filled with gleaming glass and chrome building housing offices of the powerful world banks. But the old town has that charm most people expect to find in European cities. We got a good view of the history of the town including a look at the old Jewish cemetery, desecrated by the Nazis. Our tour ended at the top of the second tallest building where we were able to get to the top, outdoor viewing platform and see the lights come on in the city at dusk. On our way back, a couple of students joined us for a walk through the shopping district and a stroll through one of the outdoor markets selling all sorts of sausages and other goodies. That was a nice addition to our earlier stop at one of the traditional indoor markets in the center of the city. We walked many miles today…but I am pretty convinced that I still didn’t walk off the great cheesecake from the market.

Tomorrow…the Goethe house.




One thought on “Where are we?

  1. Good the weather is such a wonderful treat. Enjoy. Thanks for the lively posts and photos. I am enjoying follwing your travels.

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