Saturday in Frankfurt

by Rich Landesberg

It was rainy most of the day but that did not dampen our spirits. We spent the morning exploring the Goethe house, the ancestral home of the man considered the Shakespeare of Germany. Our students walked away with a better understanding of this poet-writer who is not well known among the younger generation of college students. And a number of our students were ready to make an offer to buy this opulent and very large house (it is not for sale).

The rest of the afternoon was spent seeing how Germans spend their Saturdays. All were free to explore on their own with most starting at the market, a great place to enjoy authentic German food, pick up some snacks, and see how locals go about their chores. It was a day to wander, shop, eat….and soak in (literally at times, with the rain) everything Frankfurt has to offer.

(the picture below is of one of the elaborate chandeliers at the Goethe house)

Tomorrow…an early start, a long train ride and a look at where it began and ended for the Nazi regime.



One thought on “Saturday in Frankfurt

  1. Class structure on trains also exists in the U.S. but in a different way. There is the local (cheapest), Metroliner and Acela (high speed train and most expensive with first and business reserved seats). In Europe, one chooses what one wishes to pay but it may be the same train, just different cars. Just like airplanes!

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