Old Europe


by Rich Landesberg

When we left Frankfurt, we left behind a city of glass and steel, modern skyscrapers housing some of the most powerful banks in the world. The old part of the city had been rebuilt out of the rubble of WW II. When our coach pulled into Brussels after an almost five hour ride, we entered an old, western European city steeped in centuries of history and tradition with antiquity at every corner.

We have only been here for 24 hours but we are already settled in. Yesterday began with a briefing at the European Central bank before we hit the road. We traded the coach for our boots when we arrived. Last night was a walking tour, culminating in dinner across from the city hall and guild buildings in the old market square. Dr. Morgan lead the tour and made sure to stop at one of the best chocolate shops in the city where she bought enough for everyone to taste. We made sure to point out the best waffle shops, too. Everyone would need their strength for our meetings today.

The day started with a 10 am briefing at the Council of Europe, then lunch followed by another briefing, this one at the European Commission. Our students now know more about the inner workings of the European Union than most people who live here, After a full day of learning about how the EU works, students had time to explore and have dinner. Tomorrow, it is time for another briefing, this one at the European Parliament.

The pictures:
Students in the area of the EU Institutions
Students at Council of Europe





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