Talking EU Issues


by Rich Landesberg

Where do the representatives of the people of Europe go to debate issues? The European Parliament, where we spent the morning in a briefing about how it works…and how it doesn’t. With more than 700 members representing more than two dozen countries and about a dozen political parties, the EU Parliament can have a difficult time getting things done. In fact, more than ten percent of the Members of the European Parliament are “Euro-skeptics” who oppose the very institution of which they are members. Yet, Europe is the most unified it has ever been without the use of force to achieve that unification. And, for all the troubles and worries over the Euro and the economy in general, there is great optimism alongside the skeptics. Our student asked great questions and showed knowledge of the institution that even some Europeans don’t possess.

If this blog is a bit late in getting posted or is a bit light in content, blame our students. Dr. Morgan and I often use the informal setting of traveling with students to fill in our gaps in popular culture. So, early one, we asked for, and received a lesson in how to play “Angry Birds.” I immediately downloaded it and immediately became addicted. I’m blaming my students,

This afternoon, everyone had an opportunity to explore places in the city that we have passed in our stay here. Museums, monuments or just plain wandering, everyone had one last chance to enjoy Brussels. Tomorrow, the bus leaves at 6:30 am for our ride to Luxembourg. We’ll see the European Courts of Justice and a lot more before returning about 8, just enough time to eat and pack for our early Friday flight.



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