Get Out of Town


by Rich Landesberg

And that is just what we did today….got out of town to the city of Eger, a town of about 60,000 people that is home to a major university and the major wine producing region in Hungary. It was a long day and a two-hour coach ride each way. It’s late and we are on the road to Zagreb in the morning so this will be a brief post. Here are the highlights: We met with a Parliament member from the radical right-wing party, the third largest party in Parliament. This nationalist group is anti-Gypsy and its leader recently described Jews as “lice.” It was interesting to question him. Our one hour session lasted for two hours. We had lots of questions. John Milton said we should let truth and falsehood clash to create a marketplace of ideas. Sometimes that is difficult.

That was followed by a chance to get to know our Hungarian student hosts, followed by a walk around this lovely old town and then a meeting at city hall with the deputy mayor. By late afternoon we were headed to a local winery, one of many caves built into the side of a mountain. Our guide, the son of the owner, explained the wine-making process. We all enjoyed dinner after that in one of the caves and those who cared to taste wines were given a full explanation of what they were tasting. It was a great experience and a terrific lesson in how wine can enhance a meal, a far cry from those who would use alcohol ony as a means to get drunk.

Here are some pictures from our day(the group is in front to the main unviersity building)








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