Going with the Flo-rence

by Rich Landesberg
Now…where were we. Right. In Munich (see photo above). Our unplanned stop in Germany, caused by a delayed flight in Zagreb that forced a missed connection, turned out to be a good chance to bond, chat and catch up on sleep. Our arrival in Florence the next day went off without a hitch.
We walked all around this beautiful city the night we arrived and headed to Siena the next morning for a day trip that included a look at 13th century murals depicting the joy of good government…and the evil of bad government. It seemed just as relevant today as it did 800 years ago. Siena is a city of great food, great views and, on this Sunday, a football (soccer) game against Napoli. Our students got to see how other cultures get sports-crazed.

Today was some market time in the morning before heading to Fiesole for a fascinating lecture about Italy and the EU as well as some breathtaking views of Florence. Back home by dinner time. Tomorrow….art and history lecture and coach to Rome.

Here are some pictures of our group and where we have been in Italy










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