La Dolce Vita


by Rich Landesberg

It sure has been the sweet life for all of us the past three-plus weeks. We traveled to six different countries (seven if you count the Vatican), at least 11 different cities and used three different currencies. We learned all about the different European Union institutions, how they work and how people perceive them. Our free-time discussions often centered on how things work in the new Europe. Along the way, we were tested on our knowledge. Our learning transcended books and institutions, delving into a more visceral understanding as we met new friends in these countries and explored monuments, museums, restaurants and more.

20120126-161041.jpgOutside every window here in Rome, there seems to be antiquity and beauty. Yesterday started with a trip to the Vatican to attend the Pope’s weekly audience, a moving event regardless of one’s beliefs. The afternoon was a 10-mile walk around Rome, from the Coliseum to the Trevi Fountain (many coins in–many trips back to Rome promised) and important points in-between. And that is where the class ended. Today, students have a chance to see whatever they want, to walk around Rome, or to spend a day living la dolce vita. Our bus leaves in a few hours–in the middle of the night–for our very early start and long day of traveling home.

Scenes from an Italian Restaurant

Maybe not what Billy Joel had in mind, but every year we celebrate Betty’s birthday during this course. This year, Allie D shared the same birthday making the celebration even more special. The two posed for the “paparazzi” and enjoyed a surprise birthday cake from our friends at L’Orso ’80.




Some Pictures from Rome






One thought on “La Dolce Vita

  1. We would like to express our appreciation for the fabulous blog postings of your trip to Europe. The pictures showed the obvious enjoyment of the students and your text expressed the depth of the education to which they were exposed..
    Our Thank to you and Dr.Morgan.
    Dick and Judy Wabol.
    (Hunt Cable’s grandparents)

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